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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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Renovation of Tan Residency

Tan residency (Kelabang Besar)

When you drive through the old road of Klebang Besar, there is an eye-catching building Moroccan architecture style which is adapted to the tropical weather. The house looks 30 plus years old. The residency of a family, who now decided to enlarge the rear side of the house and add a suite for its new extended family.

• The current car park had a view to the street and the owner would rather make the cars look not so clear.
• The balcony and garden area was not very suitable for evening gathering and walk.
• The house kitchen looked entirely a closure area and very small in compare with the number of people living in that house. It looked almost packed without enough storage and cabinets.
• A new garage was designed at southwest of the garden, without any view to the street.
• I extended the rear balcony to another 8 feet so the family could sit and enjoy the evenings and sunset.
• The kitchen was extended to an open kitchen with modern cabinet in the dry and wet kitchen.
• The small room on the roof top was extended on the last floor view to the garden with a separate access.