Food Theatre
September 20, 2018
Mc Donald Carter
September 20, 2018
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Total design of Publika Market place

Publika Market place

It was a consultancy project, requested by the client to reorganize the 4 vendors place next to the B.I.G. market. The design ideas was based on solutions for the problems as well as brining a harmonious, industrial flooring and contemporary look to the market.

• Untidy products display racks.
• Unharmonious look of the kiosk and vendors.
• Open unorganized trolley stations which was adjacent to the Market.
• There was no clear entrance to the market and it was blended with other vendors.
Restriction of the sites were:
• Very low ceiling level.
• B.I.G market linkage with this space.
• Design typical shop front, accessing to some friendly display racks in the middle of the market.
• Making a harmonious front counter and suspended wall for all the four vendors.
• Cover the trolley section with a see though mesh panels that still can direct the shoppers to where the trolleys are.
• The entrance completely stands out with the steel structure from column to column. A market signage and a clock, a classical symbol of the traditional European market for opening and closing time, were imposed on top of the black-steel structure.