AFA Factory
September 20, 2018
Publika Market Place
September 20, 2018
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Complete Construction and Design of Food Court

Food Theatre

Almost every one care to know more when it comes to the food. The joyful experience of eating can be completed with an immaculate ambiance and a flawless service. Something, that can turn this experience to a “let’s go there again” phrase by a customer. When I got assigned for this project, the first thing that came to my mind was; I want to make this food court to a cleared direction, bold culture with an industrial contemporary, yet artistic look, with a very friendly access for the users.

• The layout of the building was a U shape and Square shape with a huge escalator in middle from a car park to an upper level market.
• A low level ceiling
• One of the ideas was to make the food court’s function like a theatre of foods! something that can be changed seasonally and occasionally. Malaysia has a diverse culture range, in a way that can be said international. Malay, Chinese, Indian, European and Asian styles, in a word “International”. However, to stay true to these defined characteristics, I had to highlight few aspects among all. Because I firmly believe that nowadays people are not impressed with excessive, luxury or modern look, but they are looking for ambiance that has a message to convey and has a character.
• The other approach was to create a place with variety of art installations and unique ceiling designs. In fact, food courts usually get crowded so what can still remain uncovered is the ceiling. It does not mean that the area design will be reckless, but it may have more functional approach rather than aesthetic views.
• One of the most important factors that make the design of a food court a success is the right selection of the materials. This is mostly related to the heavy duty, sound absorption, and sanitized, germ-free and easy maintenance.

The project will accommodate 250 Pax in one go, It is under construction and will be accomplished by February 2019.