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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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Full Renovation of BMW Showroom

BMW Showroom

One of the distinct design experiences that I had was renovation of BMW showroom in Melaka. There were many learnings and achieving points in this project. I had a chance to collaborate with BMW International Interior design advisor who had come from Germany for this specific project. Of course, like other projects, it had its own problems and restrictions. But the outcome was practical and pleasing.

• Limitation in selecting the materials for an existing building façade. The showroom façade, could only wear certain types of materials according to the BMW standards; only white solid wall and glass with/without a frame structure.
• My approach was making an eye-level transformation rather than a change to the entire two stories, it was mainly due to the limited budget.
• Therefore, I designed a linear front pathway shade, metal scaffolding CHS (Circular Hollow Section pipe) steel structure covered with gypsum boards.
• Changing the front louver windows to casement window without changing the position to bring a fresh look.
• Also, painting the entire façade to white color, changing the whole ground floor exterior glass walls.
• Redesigning the landscape of the drive way. We could perfectly mold the project around the owner’s renovation budget.
• By a subtle care to the interior elements such as reflected ceiling design, lighting fittings, selection of floor tiles, and finally by set of fixtures and furniture, the place was reborn in early 2016.

The BMW striking posters, new electrical power station, BMW 8-series, conveyed a new look to the car showroom and nouvoue impression for both marketing executives and customers… Voila.