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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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Industrial Factory renovation for AFA technologies


The AFA technologies, machineries manufacturer in Cheng, Melaka, intended to move to a larger space for their 4-phases Factory. This was one the large-scaled industrial renovation projects that I designed. Just like all the other existing aged buildings, this project contained some problems to be solved.

• The old building had a major problem in its façade design. The angled front wall had a visible crack on the entire façade look.
• One of the project requirements was to fix and restore the façade in a low cost approach.
• The shaded louver was a desirable solution, accepted by the client, but due to the slightly higher cost the client decided to maintain the plain façade but fix the crack and paint it in dark grey coat.
• In order to preserve the Industrial characteristics of the building, I made good the existing architectural elements.

For instance, that was an angled T-shaped beam penetrated at the corner of the office area. However, it was a potential semi-wall to me, which could interpret solidity and firmness into the CEO’s room.

• Creating a spacious lobby for the factory with two glass meeting rooms, was a suitable solution to convey the minimal, yet impressive and neat-look.
• The design of façade and landscape design, two storeys offices, including 4 departments, senior manager’s rooms, and a training room, plus a 6000 sq. ft multi-functional hall were accomplished for this factory within 6 months.